Friday, March 02, 2007


Well, I am back. I was asked to talk about the strangest part of my trip. It turns out I had a couple strange parts to my trip. The one I will talk about on this post places us at the hotel meeting room. Our advisory panel are talking about their year and I was out in the hall talking to another co-worker. We were talking about how these were a waste of time for us and how it was more for the advisory panel. Since we are their bosses, we had to sit in and listen to it all. Anyway, my boss comes out of the meeting room and asks to meet with all of us, leaving her assistant to run the show. We head out and sit in the front eating area of the hotel. She sits down and says she has an announcement. She announces that she has just accepted a position in Cincinnati. It is the same position she holds now, but for a larger division. The Cincinnati division is at least twice as big as ours. I was really sad. I was also crying. All of my projects for this year looked out of reach for a moment. After I gained my composure, I thought about it some more and just decided that we are going to do just fine. I can do it without her. It's what I was meant to do. This will put me more into the spotlight and maybe perhaps one day, I will get a promotion as well. I don't plan on staying in Kansas forever. I wouldn't mind moving back to Ohio and even down South. I think it would be great. So, the rest of the time we were all there was pretty much a waste of company time. She rented a car and did a ton of shopping on company time. But, when you make what she does and are in the position she is in, you can get away with it, I guess.

So, there you have it. I am back for awhile. I have a million things to get done at home. I will try and catch up with everyone by this evening. Good day!


Not-faint-hearted said...

so, this was the boss you like?

good for seeing the opportunity for your advancement in this. You deserve to rise high in this company.

How's the homefront?

Cheryl said...

Welcome back!

If I remember correctly, you're very ambitious, right? And, you want to move to Ohio. So...this could be an opportunity for you.

Too bad the trip was a waste of time. I'm sure there's lots of things you'd rather do. Does your son stay with his dad when you travel? Mine will be with her father. She doesn't like her step-mom, so that makes it hard.

meloncutter said...

Well, We have a division floral merchandizer position open in the Atlanta division. Ours is leaving to be the regional floral buyer.

Food For Thought.

I also have an opening for a part time produce clerk. 16 to 20 hours per week.


Double LOL

Later Y'all.

Michael C said...

Maybe this will turn out the be a good thing for you. One of our upper managers announced his resignation today, but I have no hope of ascending that high. I think they're jealous of my blog ;-)

austere said...

I KNOW you're going places.

Phelan said...

Welcome back!

EoNe said...

Hi AbbaGurl !

Everything happens for a reason, of which sometimes we only know it when it actually happens. There must be reasons you were there and "sort" of wasting company money and time -uh-huh. Hopefully, it would be something good that will happen to you. :)..cos u deserve it gurl !...Go for it gurl !