Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cheryl asked me to post about grand opening week. What I did this past week was not for grand opening week at our new store. I was getting prepared to walk the district department heads through four departments within a store. I had to spend some time in this particular store to help get them ready. I mainly helped merchandise in these four departments.

The grand opening of the new store I was talking about previously won't happen until July 15. I have to turn in schedules now so the "suits" have an idea what to expect as far as help needs. We need a lot of help.

So, let's talk about something else. I am going to be getting new siding on this house. Right now we have ugly white. I am looking for any suggestions here. Terri just did her house and I really love the color. I wouldn't mind going that route. I also saw a pretty light gray color with burgandy brown windows. Does anyone have a clue? Cuz, I sure don't.

The kid is doing pretty well in school. He is still having some social issues with other kids. Trying to fit in can be so tough. He went to private school for so long and now he is in public school. It's a big change for a kid to go through. But, how do you tell a kid that it doesn't matter what happens in junior high and high school? That no one cares if you were popular or not? Kids don't understand that until they go through it. I know I had to learn it for myself.

It's good to be back. I apologize for not being consistent on my posts and when visiting your blogs. Have a great evening!


Andrew said...

I am so glad you are getting back on a more regular schedule. You don't know how much I have missed hearing from you. Hope work tomorrow is stressless and great! Take care good Abbagirl!


Andfre said...

Hey if I could find a way to live my daughters life for her, or at least shoulder the pain when she hits a tough spot, wow, if only is all.

You are a wonderfully understanding person and I am sure you give your son everything he needs, just by being there for him and not judging him.

It's so hard because we only get one shot to raise our kids, and our fears for them can overshadow our own for ourselves.

captain corky said...

It always took the kids who came from private school to public school a little time to adjust. He'll be ok.

Not-faint-hearted said...

Glad your schedule is returning to "normal." Take care!

austere said...

I guess that learning will come with time, no?
:) Would love to hear more about the house.

Cheryl said...

Good to hear from you. I was confused on the grand opening, but not anymore.

What's it like in Kansas these days?

Terri said...

you should put up before and after pictures of the house; I love before and after photos; its great to see the changes. Unfortunately I didn't do the before on mine!