Sunday, March 18, 2007

Slow Sunday

It was another gorgeous day here. I only worked from 9-4. Called it quits so I could watch the basketball tournament. I am rooting for Ohio State all of the way. Even though I am from Kansas, I will always be a Buckeye fan.

I also took a nap during the KU game. It wasn't that interesting. It was really sort of a blah day for me.

I am going to a meeting in the morning. My mom is in town for a doctor's visit. I am taking her home after the visit and my kid will be staying with her for spring break. We are suppose to be surprising her with tickets to Korea on Saturday, but I don't know if my siblings will have their part of the money. I will probably have to cover them. Oh well. I am almost thinking about postponing the whole thing. Her birthday is on the 20th, but we are going to celebrate on Saturday so her Korean friends can come over. One thing to look forward to is Korean food. Hooray! Josh is going to cut her bulgogi meat that she needs. Good thing Josh is a good meat cutter.

Well, I am off to bed. I just drank two cups of coffee, so we shall see if sleep will come easy. I am sure it won't. Till tomorrow!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

My cousin in Kentucky married a Korean woman while he was in the Armt, I love Korean food. Don't watch much March Madness basketball, but I do enjoy Kentucky State or Louisville games. Hope the week goes well.

Andfre said...

I have to shop at Safeway.
It's like the only real grocery store in my town.
I am sure if your establishment was within 100 miles of here I'd be there... thanks for being my most consistent commenter!

austere said...

Korea not too far from India?

Not-faint-hearted said...

Sounds like a terrific Sunday! Yeah for you!

Here's hoping the Doctor appointment is uneventful.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like it was a good Sunday. The party I was at had the game on in the background. My only interest in it was the flat screen HDTV broadcasting it. Wow. It made me want to run out and buy one, but I won't. Enjoy your time with your Mom and your yummy Korean food.

Terri said...

Hi abbagirl; I remember we had a sort of discussion about bulgogi not too long ago. My husband loves it, but I've never tried it. I hope all goes well with the doctor and the party and the airline ticket.

kanadians in korea said...

don't postpone it! i hope everything works out, and she's able to come. if she needs a place to stay, we're here! ... seriously. i gave up drinking coffee a few days ago and am suffering massive headaches as a result of it. i miss it so much lol. take care! em.

captain corky said...

I had Korean food when I was in NJ. It was really good. I love it!

Were you able to fall asleep?