Friday, March 16, 2007

But You Can't See Me

Okay, So I have never been comfortable putting pictures of myself on my blog. I want as much privacy as I can get because of the job I have. I am also very sensitive to what people say. I rarely let people take pictures of me. I am trying to change that.
I was able to find the clothes I bought by going to the business' website. The dress to the left is suppose to be a dark brown, not black. The dress above left I have not worn yet. I am waiting for it to warm up just a bit. And the jacket/skirt ensemble to the far right I am saving for a special occasion.
I bought lots of other stuff to, but I won't show you the pictures. I bought two short sleeve sweater sets, some more pretty camisoles to wear under my business jackets. I just bought these cute pair of pants that are a creamy beige and they have big cuffs on the bottom. Too cute! Let's just say I love to shop. I just don't like shopping by myself. I don't have many girlfriends to take shopping. It sucks.

As you have been able to tell, I have been gone for some time. Sorry. I have had to work three - twelve hour days in a row and I finally have a day off today. We have a big visit coming from the "mothership" and so it's been kind of hectic lately.
I am so happy to report that Professor is back to blogging. He is down every day, but he is here. Time heals all wounds.
I am going to clean the bathroom from top to bottom today, do about ten loads of laundry (I am not kidding), and drop off a bunch of dry cleaning. I guess I will catch up with all of you later. I promise not to wait so long to post again. Have a super day!


captain corky said...

10 loads of laundry will keep you nice and busy today. Try to have a little fun. Maybe a drink or two while you work.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo Lala! I like! :>

Andfre said...

Nice to have you back!
Thanks for the advice to help me quit smoking - I know you're words were not exactly advice more so comments but it'll work.

austere said...



Cheryl said...

Glad you could write. The clothes are cute. Funny...I only like to shop alone. I'm very efficient that way. Well, my sister was a big help shopping in Charlotte. OK, so it can be fun.