Wednesday, April 01, 2015


The skies have opened up tonight and it's raining now.  The lightning is bright and the thunder claps loudly.  As I was heading to the Asian food store for my mother this evening, I captured a few pics of the thunderheads from my car.  No worries, I was at a stop when I took all of these photos.  These were all taken with my iPhone and I did not use a filter.  My favorite shot is with the cows and the moon.

Oklahoma has some beautiful skies.  The clouds are fluffy, lustrous, free.  I couldn't keep my eyes off of them.

Well, it's back to the ICT tomorrow and back to the daily grind.  I have a few days off coming up.  I will be back in OKC Saturday night and staying until Wednesday morning.  I am spending Easter here.  Stephen and I don't celebrate the actual religious holiday.  We will probably just go over to his mom's house for dinner or just spend time at home.

Chat ya tomorrow!


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austere said...

What a beautiful place this is.... clear to the horizon...