Friday, April 24, 2015


I have received some inspiration from a blogging friend (I hope I can call her that).  Karen, over at Life is Good, takes daily walks and posts pictures of her walks.  I always love looking thru the pics, as though I am right there with her, walking along.

Yesterday I decided to go on a walk.  There really isn't much to look at out here where Stephen lives.  He lives in a housing development right outside of a small Oklahoma town, very near Oklahoma City.  In fact, on a very clear day, I can see the buildings in downtown OKC from his yard.

I started off on my walk thru the neighborhood.  We are towards the back of the development, so it was a half mile walk to the main road.  I didn't feel like taking pictures of his neighbors' houses.  They may have called the po-po on me if I did.  lol...

Once I got to the main road, I took a few pics.  Not much to look at.

Here is an old shed.  Looks abandoned.  There is a stream off toward the back, where the first line of trees are.

These beautiful yellow fields are abundant here in Oklahoma.  It's canola!  I would have never guessed it.  The flowers are very vibrant, especially up close.

The best part about where Stephen lives is what is near his back yard.

Hello there horsey!  Would you like an organic carrot?

This is Stephen feeding the horse.  I wasn't quite that brave.

As soon as I gave the carrot to the horse, it snapped it right in half as I was trying to take a picture.  I quickly moved my hand so it wouldn't get devoured and got this great shot of the carrot snapping in half out of the horse's mouth.  Ha!

So much thanks to Karen for giving me some inspiration in getting out yesterday and walking around the countryside.  I walked a little over 2 miles.

No walking today.  I just got back from grocery shopping for Stephen so he has plenty to last him the next 3-4 days. I won't be back until Friday night.

I have all of the laundry done and am packed and ready to go tomorrow morning back to the ICT.  I have a hair appointment at 10 so I will be leaving here around 7:30.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Happyone said...

Yes, of course we are blogging friends. : )
Thanks for the mention and kind words. So glad you got out there and went for a walk. Your pictures are great and I enjoyed walking along with you. : )

austere said...

Lovely pictures, that. So wonderful to see clear to the horizon.. I just love that.