Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter Sunday

I woke up around 6:30 this morning (in OKC) and laid in bed.  I must have fallen back asleep because I didn't wake back up until after 10.  Lol....  It's ok.  I don't have to be back at work until Wednesday.

Stephen and I had brunch at a place called Beverly's Pancake House.  It was better the first time we went.  The food wasn't that great today and they messed up our food.  After brunch, we got gas and then headed downtown to Urban Agrarian.  I love it there.  Today we took advantage of their Sunday specials and got 2 dozen pullet eggs for just $5.  We also bought a loaf of wheat berry bread which I plan to make some lovely Panini sandwiches and bread pudding with.  I bought some maple sausages with blueberries and took advantage of the membership card that we can discounts with in the future (only $10).

After visiting the food store, we headed across the alley to Pam's Plants and Produce.  We have decided to plant a few fruit trees out back.  Stephen's house is on two acres, so there is plenty of room for a few more fruit trees.  We have a plum tree and two peach trees on the edge of the property.  We would love to get a Fuji apple tree and a pomegranate tree.  Both trees can grow in Oklahoma, so that's awesome!

We will also get some starter strawberry plants, as well as some tomato plants going in about a week.  I really like the cherry tomato hanging baskets we saw today.  As for the strawberries, I will plant them in garden boxes and put them on the back porch.  Don't need any pesky rabbits or small animals eating up our wonderful sweet berries.

What do you plant in your gardens?  We are starting off small this year.  One day I would love to have the type of garden my grandfather had.

I am heading off to read some blogs now.  I have been absent a couple of days and need to get caught back up.  Hope you all had a great Easter weekend!


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