Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rain Showers

We had a nice rain shower early this morning in the wee hours.  I just checked on our tomato plants and they are doing just fine.  The strawberry plants are on the back porch, so I didn't worry about those.  It looks like we got several gallons of rain water in our tub.  I know it sounds so weird being excited about something like that, but using the rain water will really cut down on how much water we use from the house.  Oklahoma is in a major drought right now.

I made breakfast this morning along with my tasty decaf Gevalia coffee.  We had pancakes and scrambled eggs.  It was delicious!  Stephen is making his "juice" right now.  We both have the Omega 8005 and he likes to have a large cup of organic juice every day.  It makes him feel good.  I guess I should start doing that as well, but I really like my morning cup of coffee.

I don't think we have much planned for today.  We may venture out and look for more sustainable rain catching devices and go for a walk later.  I will try and get some pictures today.  I love posting pics of what I am doing or cooking.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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austere said...

Aha... that's the first time ever I've seen what Brussel sprouts look like. :)