Saturday, November 17, 2007

Work, Marriage, and Children - All In A Day's Work

Good morning!!!!!!

It's a great morning, isn't it? The only thing to mess up my morning is a bad afternoon. But I am going to try my hardest to keep that from happening. It will be a long day at work today. I have to try and get to as many stores as possible. I won't have a full day off until next Saturday. I only work half a day on Thursday, only till noon.

I have been contemplating on plans for Thanksgiving. We usually go over to Josh's relatives house, whomever has been chosen. This year it is my favorite of his sisters. The only problem is that I don't usually feel comfortable. I mean, I can adapt to anything, but as soon as I get there, I don't want to stay long. Maybe it's because they are always asking when Josh and I are going to get married and if we are planning on having a child together. Problem with that is, I already have a kid. He's 12. I am not looking to have any more. Josh doesn't have any kids. He does want one. What's a girl to do? That is one major life changing decision, which is why I avoid it, especially at his family gatherings.

Who knows what will happen. Anyway, it's going to be a great day. And if it's not, you will hear about it. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


austere said...

:) that's only natural, the asking, isn't it?

I hope your day goes well.

I'm almost done with mine.

marykay said...

I think everyone ask that the marriage and then the kid thing. At least they don't ask if you can still have kids like they did me cause I was so old! lol! Have a great day and don't work too hard.

Portia said...

I guess that's normal family stuff, but all those personal prying questions make me uncomfortable too. Sounds like a busy week lined up - I hope it goes well!

Not Fainthearted said...

I guess that's the plus side of not knowing the BF's family yet ;-)

I'm doing my part up here in Minneapolis to annoy the grocery workers...I'll be at the grocery store today (AAAAAHHHHH!) and probably Monday or Tuesday next week as well.


simonsays said...

Well, that certainly puts you in an awkward position. Hmmm...

I'm sure you will find the right answer, at least the right one for you...not necessarily the one they want to

Have a good Sunday!


you know, I am guilty of ribbing my brother because he's been with the same sweet nice girl for over 7years since college, and it's just one of those "put a ring on her finger already.." but thinking of the intent of the ribbing, I think perhaps it's aimed more at him...reading this though has me thinking that as much as my brothers girlfriend and I know each other, I wonder if it does bother her too when I tease about marriage...She deserves a ring, and my brother is lucky to have a girl like that...thanks for showing me another perspective..I need to make it clear to her that I'm not trying to tell her nor pressure her into's just to mess around with my little brother.
Gobbling up my guts. :)

David Kim said...

Josh should adopt your kid. Then he'll have a kid.