Sunday, November 18, 2007

Painted Eyebrows and Needle Nose Pliers

Have you ever been indecisive about where to eat for dinner? You know you don't want to cook, but you can't for the life of you make a decision about where to go out to eat. This happened last night. Josh and I decided around 8:00 that we were hungry, but didn't want to cook. We decided to eat at Cracker Barrel. I have never eaten there before, so this was going to be a first for me. I always thought this restaurant was sort of weird, with the establishment being half store, half restaurant, all country. However, the place is always packed full of people whenever I drive by and seem to notice.

So we set out on our way. It is about a 15 minute drive from our house. We live about two blocks from the highway. When we get there, it's packed. The thing I notice first is most cars leaving held about four or five people. WOW. They must really like the food here. Large families were seated together and looked like they were having a fine time from the window outside.

As we walk into the store side, I notice all of the holiday items they have. Okay, I can live with this. Cute stuff! As we walk up to the Hostess stand, I notice the girl who is going to seat us. Um... She had painted eyebrows. Not the type of eyebrows that you naturally shade in with an eyebrow pencil if you are missing some hair growth. No, she had on painted eyebrows with a black liner. Ew.

I kept poking Josh immaturely as we were walking to our seats. I passed a wood burning fire place and a deer head mounted on the wall. Okay, I was officially out of my comfort zone. I decided to face the windows and make Josh look at the deer head with the beady eyes.

As we decided what to have for dinner, Josh started playing that stupid peg game where you jump pegs and try to only have one peg left. He did so, crowning himself supreme genius. I could only get two pegs and was deemed purdy smart. While waiting for our plates to arrive, I started outlining my eyebrows with my fingers and belted out "I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty". He laughed out loud and we were hysterical after that point.

When our dinner arrived, it looked so good. I got the Saturday night special, chicken and rice with turnip greens and fried apples. I dedicated the dinner to my dear friend, Andrew, who lives in the South. Josh got the same thing he always gets when we go to places like this - Chicken Fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, steak fries and green beans. Yes, the boy can eat. As we are enjoying the wonderful plate of food, we get on the subject of plucking eyebrows. lol... that poor girl. Anyway, he proudly states to me that once he pulled some hairs out of his nose with a pair of needle nose pliers. I roared with laughter, almost causing the iced tea to squirt out of my nose. I couldn't stop picturing it. Of course, this could only be something he would do. What a riot! No wonder they call them needle NOSE pliers.

Now, you are probably thinking we were causing a ruckus and being disruptive, but actually we were pretty quiet. On our way out, I left our waiter a nice holiday tip, since he is new from Nebraska and didn't seem to like Kansas all that well. We passed the painted eyebrow girl and made a run for it after paying our bill. I laughed all the way home, vowing I would write about every little thing that happened. Josh was mortified when I told him what I was going to title the post.

"You can't tell them about what I did with the pliers!" he exclaimed.
"Oh yes I can."


Andrew said...

LOL! Too funny. I adore the breakfast there, but it is always packed as you wrote. Dad loves to go there as well, but it is so fattening. Thanks for dedicating this post to me. How were the turnip greens? Yummy, I hope.

abbagirl74 said...

The turnip greens were good. I could actually see the pieces of pork hocks in the greens. It also had some onion. Yumm-O!

Sally said...

We always stop at Cracker Barrel's when we're traveling...and I always order breakfast. I love the eggs in a basket!

Oh, and my hubby always gets chicken fried steak wherever we go, too!

Anonymous said...

Great, mention food and indecision and now I'm hungry! And hey, when did it get all blue around here? Where the heck have I been!?!

I don't think we have a craker barrel.


Terri said...

another Cracker Barrel lover here too! Sundays special of buttermilk fried chicken is my favorite and I ALWAYS get the okra! Yum-O is right!

marykay said...

LOL, That sounds like a fun dinner at our beloved Cracker Barrel. We meaning Tim plans trips (closet CB is in Roundrock an hour away)breakfast you have to try it. I know what you can get Josh for Christmas...

Cheryl said...

I actually grabbed my nose when I read about Josh and the pliers. Ow! You described Cracker Barrel so well. I've eaten there a handful of times, and there's always a long wait. I love their pancakes with peach topping and whipped cream. It's fantastic. I buy their toothpicks, and, I've bought the peg games!


I love Cracker Barrel's breakfast!! We too only stop while traveling..I look forward to these stops each time!
Very funny post!!

Portia said...

Ha! Pliers. That's a guy for you. Sounds like a fun dinner at Cracker Barrel!

Hyde said...

No Cracker Barrels up here... Eyebrows are a funny thing. I know a girl who plucks hers out but doesn't even bother to draw any back on. It looks super creepy to me, but I guess she likes it!



austere said...

the food sounds verrry good.
would you go there again?

EoNe said...

Hi Abbagurl,

Interesting when you mentioned we decided that both of you were hungry :)

rockieschick said...

Hahaha, I have to say your little story put a huge smile on my face! Thanks for sharing :)


YEA!! I finally finished your meme!! Thank you for sending it to me!!
have a great work week!

David Kim said...

Sounds like a good time at the restaurant. Every day should be filled with lots of laughter.

I remember when my friends from college had a tough time deciding where to eat. When I go visit them, we just sit around for 3 hours before deciding on a place to go. Geez! What losers!

simonsays said...

What a great post! Isn't having a good time with your kids the best thing ever? Mine make me laugh just like your son makes you laugh. And yes, that sounds like soemthing that one of mine would have done--or hell--would still do for that matter!

I like cracker barrel okay, although like you, I could do without the damned deer, but I LOVE their coffee!