Saturday, November 17, 2007

As If You Care... It Was A Perfect Day

Yes, it was a good day. It was a damn good day. I came home, threw my house clothes on, grabbed a chunk of Robiola Bosina Cheese to warm at room temperature, grabbed my Larzaroni Bruschette with rosemary and sage and headed to read the blogs - you, my favorites. As I put a yummy piece of this creamy Italian cheese on my crusty Italian bread (Larzaroni Bruschette), I start to read M's blog - As If You Care...

I am enjoying the silky blend of cow's and sheep's milk cheese with the savory Bruschette when all of a sudden I am reading about grooming a dog's anal gland. Gulk! Throw up in my mouth.


You just have to laugh about it. This really was a good day. Perfect ending to a perfect day.


M said...


When I simply write about my day and don't worry too much about what I am saying, people seem to really respond to those posts. Thats exactly what I did today. Thanks again. (-:

By the way, I tried to keep the anal glands tucked away in a hyperlink for this very reason! If you are eating, be careful of clicking on the links. You never know where they might take you (-;

Before I adopted this dog I had no clue that there was such a thing as anal glands and they needed to be "expressed".


Sounds delicious!!!!
Happy Sunday!

David Kim said...

May all your days be perfect.