Wednesday, November 14, 2007


You know something is up when I post more than twice a day. Remember that communication thing I was talking about? Well, right now I am pissed!

Ugh! Boyfriends can be soooo freaking annoying sometimes. And Josh, if you are reading this, YES! I find you annoying! Especially today.

I hate it that you don't talk to me about stuff. It's really annoying. I can't seem to stop saying that word! Annoying!!!!

You see ladies and gentleman, Josh has a brother-in-law who has a step sister-in-law. Did that make sense? Anyway, she always calls him when she is coming into town for a hockey game. What drives me batty is that this drives me insanely jealous. I hate it that she calls him and wants to know if he is going to the game. Why doesn't she ask her ex brother-in-law to go? Why does she have to ask my boyfriend? And to top it all off, I have never met her. She is from Ok. City of all places and drives over two hours to come to the game. Die hard for hockey or die hard for attention?


Okay, so I know I shouldn't be jealous. But ladies! How many of you would be jealous if you were in my shoes? It just pisses me off I guess. F** B!!!!


Portia said...

I can totally understand why you're pissed, especially if you've never met her and it's hard to talk to him about.
I hope your night got better:)

Cheryl said...

There's a lot to be said for being single. And for being in a relationship. I think the latter is a lot harder to handle. Still, it does get lonely. When I was married, I felt I would rather be lonely alone. It's really not bad at all.

I'd be upset with the situation if I were in your shoes.

Not Fainthearted said...

This is the kind of situation where you can't communicate for both of you! Josh needs to step up and talk about this with you. ugh. I feel for you!!!!!!!

Suzel's Sass said...

I stopped by the from Diva's blog.

Yes, I too would be jealous. If the communication is tough, then going to a hockey game with someone else would bring up all kinds of issues. I hope things get better.

Great blog and post.

bonnie said...

Oh deep sigh. I hate feeling jealous. It's like feeling poisoned. It gets into you and works on you. I don't know if we want our men to talk or just to reassure us.

austere said...

I can understand. I hope you've put the markers out, proclaiming your territory.