Friday, May 04, 2007

You Have Been Tagged!

Okay, so I am bored this evening. We are going to see Spiderman 3 on Sunday, can't wait!

Here is a list of favorites. I am going to tag some people. If you are a link on the right hand side, you have been tagged. Andrew, Leann, Phelan, Andfre, Austere, Rich, Corky, Professor, Hyde, Dave, Cheryl, Eone, Sue, Melon, Parlencheq, Em, Annabel, Proxima, Terri, and Becky, just to name a few. Whew!

5 everyday favorites:
1. blogging
2. drinking coffee
3. reading
4. looking up sales numbers at work
5. interacting with people

4 mood-lifters:
1. great sex - yeah, I said it
2. a great cup of coffee
3. down time with my kid
4. seeing a smile on my kid's face when he is having a good day

3 reasons to get out of bed:
1. my kid
2. work
3. if I don't, I will eat and eat and become the fattest woman in America

2 people you love:
1. my kid
2. Josh

1 thing you love about yourself:
1. I love my kid, who is the best part of me.

So, dear blogging friends, take flight and get your lists going. If you are just visiting and would like to tag along, let me know so I can read your blog. I would love to expand my blog list. I love new friends.

Have a super weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Suppose we could all get tagged in worse ways! :> hee hee hee

At least this is one of the shorter ones, all though it is a rather much one, or you were just being mushy. I hear parenting will do that to a person.


kanadians in korea said...

i love these tag things! i'll work on this later this week ok? i wanted to let you know that your quotes on the Virginia Tech Tragedy have been published; see my blog for the links ok? the article was picked up by both a Canadian and a Korean paper. love em.

Meloncutter said...

Hmmmmmm.... Look for it to happen tuesday. Dang. Now I actually have to think about something.


Later Y'all

Cheryl said...

I just saw the news with the terrible tornados in KS, and of course, I thought of you. How are things in Wichita?

miya said...

i'll try that later :)
lovely thoughts
it makes me smile.
5 4 3 2 1

notfainthearted said...


Parlancheq said...

I haven't been tagged in awhile, so I guess I should comply. :) I'll just need a day or so to think...

Phelan said...

sorry I didn't see this soon. It is posted.