Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Good Morning

Good morning. Would you like to join me with a cup of coffee? I love mine with hazelnut creamer and one sweetener packet. It's the best way for me to start off the day.

It's a little cloudy this morning. Not too humid yet. I had trouble sleeping last night, even with the windows open. I haven't been sleeping well lately. Don't know why. My back has been a bit sore from all of the work we did this weekend at the store.

Today is another work day. I am calling it quits a little early. It's my boyfriend's birthday. We are going out to dinner with his mom and dad. joy.

I am scheduled off on Thursday and I have some much needed house work to do. I have a bunch of clothes to drop off to the dry cleaners and I have about five loads of laundry to do myself. The kitchen floor could use a good mopping and the front porch needs swept. Well, looks like I have my to-do list right here. Something tells me it won't all get done, but hey! I get an A for effort on writing a list.

Talk to you all later...


captain corky said...

Hope dinner is fun. I still haven't accomplished my goal of taking over the world, maybe tomorrow.

kanadians in korea said...

i wish i could join you for coffee lol. i miss it so much.. i gave it up awhile back because i was so addicted. trent gave up fast food at the same time, so we're keeping each other accountable. how's the bible reading coming? any thoughts? love em.