Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jimmy Johns is a Joke

For some reason, I am struggling with posts. I want to post, but just don't have the time. Anyway, here I am.

Question. Have you ever tried a new eatery and been totally unimpressed, wishing you wouldn't have wasted the time, money, and gas? I experienced this situation on Wednesday. There is a new sandwich shop, Jimmy Johns, which recently opened up in Wichita. Totally unimpressed. First of all, the service was terrible. The girl who took our order was bland. She had no personality, totally monotone to the core. No smile, no hi, no thank you. Nothing. I have seen more life in a slug. The person making my sandwich must have been related, because I didn't get a pulse from him either. I ordered a #2 Big John. This is a plain old roast beef sandwich on french bread. That's about it. It was tasteless. I could have made a better sandwich at home. The restaurant was poorly decorated with "in your face" signs stating 'your mom wants you to eat at Jimmy Johns'. There was even a sign that said 'No Hippies Allowed'. ????? What is up with that? As we went to sit down in one of the booths, a worker who was wiping off the tables ran right into my shoulder and didn't even say excuse me. This sent me over the edge. I had a very unpleasant eating experience and will probably never give this sandwich shop that offers "free smells" another chance again. I will tell everyone I know about the poor service and mediocre food from this "wanna-be food chain".

Yes. I do feel better now. Thanks for allowing me to get this off my chest.

On to better things. School is out on the 24th for the kid. WooHoo! I have a hair appointment tomorrow. WooHoo! I also have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. Yep! The whole weekend to spend with the squirt. I am taking him and one of his friends to Kansas City's Worlds of Fun. They need to let loose before the last week of school. Yes, I know. I am a cool mom! Yes, I am!


e said...

*woo hoo* AND *yoo hoo* :)

kanadians in korea said...

LOL... i love this post. and, being a hippie myself, i am just as disgusted at this sandwich joint. way to go and ban them! :) keep posting when u have time. em.

Cheryl said...

I love these kinds of posts. You know how I feel about bad service. What in the world is this restaurant thinking hiring employees like the ones you described? Maybe they need a tax write-off? A failed business? Did you complain?

Whoo hoo for your great weekend. I hope it's the best!

Tory said...

Oh, I totally know how you felt about this sandwich shop. It's such a dissappointment when this happens and it puts me in a bad mood!
Have a great weekend and enjoy yourself.
Take care

austere said...

I liked the crit, not that I am ever going there, but still.

captain corky said...

I've been trying to sell the Cheesecake factory to wife for days now. We've eaten there twice since it came to Louisville and I think she would rather eat at McDonalds than the Cheesecake factory. Oh well.

Have a great weekend cool Mom.

Mouse said...

Being angry at the lifeless and then rude service is always understandable. I expect to be treated well when I spend money somewhere as well. As for the sandwich complaint, maybe the #2 wasn't your menu item. I would say that you would need to try the other menu items before making a generalization about the food quality. The decoration is modern and caters toward college aged folks and it is taken very well here in our college town which has 3 of the sandwich shops. I do independent delivery work on our campus on my bike and often times get orders for Jimmy Johns. Recently, the "No Hippies Allowed" sign (which is supposed to be taken as a joke) had the "NO" crossed out in duct tape to further the joke and retort. I think that it takes a certain amount of open mindedness to appreciate the small chain's growth over the past few years and realize that they are trying to be something different from your normal burger chain. That's OK, I bet everyone went just as nuts when Bennigan's and TGI Friday's opened their doors with weird random items hanging all over the walls. Again, I will say that in your situation I would still not be happy with that specific store because of the treatment you received. I'd try another menu item and a different location before making a generalization about every JJ's

Branndoo said...

hm.. i'd try another store because Jimmy Johns is actualy pretty good. but i guess everyone has their own opinion

Anonymous said...

There areJimmy John's sandwhich restaurants in Columbia, Missouri and I have to say they are by far one of my favorite restaurants here. Their attempt at wit is a little cheesy, but they've always taken pride in being cheesy. Similar to Jack-In-The-Box fast food restaurants, which feature silly scenes and phrases all over the store. I really don't think they mean to offend "hippies", especially since Columbia is an extremely liberal area.

Around here, the store is geared more towards the average college student. The sub place is open late, delivers quickly (that's something they take pride in), and deli meats cut directly at the store. Maybe it's the locals (we're a fun bunch of people in this town), but most of the Jimmy John's employees (similar to Shakespear's Pizza the pizza place Columbia, Missouri is slightly well known for) are generally fun, upbeat, and extremely helpful. I understand if the surroundings there is just not your cup of tea. Some people appreciate more subtlety; but I do think that you shouldn't let a couple bad employees ruin your restaurant experience. It's not like the manager hired them knowing that they have bad attitude, and as much as we'd like to see it...people just don't get fired for having shitty attitudes on a regular basis. If this employee acts like this towards customers OFTEN, and it was brought to the manager's attention, I'm sure she's been taken care of. Most people act differently towards those in positions above them. It's hard to weed out those types.

It's a shame that you had a bad experience, that was horrible manners on her part and it's probably more directly related to her upbringing...rather than the place of business. Especially if it's a fairly new establishment.

I ate there last night, and read a sign they had on the wall next to my booth. The header reads "I believe" and it contains a long list of words of wisdom such as "Arguing doesn't necessarily mean that a relationship is a bad one, and not arguing doesn't necessarily mean the relationship is a good one either"
"When I am angry, I have the right to be angry. But I do not have the right to be cruel to others."

I had a GRAND time sitting there with a friend reading them and comparing them to our life experiences while I munched on a Turkey Tom.

Like I said, it's a shame that you had such a bad time there. I guess the phrase "You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time." rings extremely true in this case.

MarilynAlvarez17 said...
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