Sunday, May 27, 2007


Good Morning. Whoa. Two posts in less than twelve hours. I better pace myself.

I am off to the land of the "I can't cook for myself" and the "Oh my goodness! How many people are coming over?" I know I work in the grocery business, but my God people! Cook at home! Buy what you need every other week! I see some of the same faces in the stores every single day. Oh well. It pays the bills.

Right now I am sitting before you with a towel wrapped up around my head. Now, I don't quite look like the picture. Wish I did, but not even close. Anyway, I am waiting for my clothes to dry. Socks in particular. Is it crazy that I own enough black, gray, and brown business socks to do a whole load of washing with these alone? Uh, yeah.

Well, I am off to read about everyone else once again. Talk at all of you later.


EoNe said...

Hello..hello ..wassup abbagurl ! how was it like seeing the same old new people at the store everyday ? Must be interesting to observe their behaviour and thinking what in their mind while pushing the trolley ..hahaha..I once worked at bookstore and the things that I hate most is being "cashier" . The best part of the job was when customer said THANK YOU for helping him finding the books that she has been looking. Not the best part would be customers who think you are his slaves :)and just "Do as I ask ! grrrr...but I learn not to do the same to others whenever you go to bookstore :)...Just say THANK YOU and smile to the people who work there

austere said...

i end up buying vegetables every other day, which isn't too smart either.