Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tornado Country

As many of you have heard, Kansas got hit pretty bad with tornadoes. Wichita is okay, although we are suppose to get our fair share of bad weather today. Greensburg, KS was not so lucky last night. The tornado that hit Greensburg was almost one mile wide. It took out 60+% of the whole town. Greensburg is now being evacuated so that rescue workers can look for more people. There has been one confirmed death with many injured - 50+. Please keep this community in your thoughts.


austere said...

sounds horrible.
you take care.

Rich | Championable said...

I was just reading about that. Unbelievably scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

How very sad! I will wish the best for them.

Take Care,

Cheryl said...

I did a Google maps search to see where Wichita is in relation to Greensburg, but couldn't find it. How are you warned of tornados? Radio? Sirens? I did hear that people were warned last night. I am so afraid of tornados. We've had a few here in MD, but nothing like in other parts of the country.

Andfre said...

Yeah I saw that on TV, crazy weather in Kansas, and I thought of you and sent a silent prayer your way, hoping you were well.
I am relieved you are okay and at the same time saddened by what happened elsewhere.

captain corky said...

Please be careful. Very Scary stuff.

Meloncutter said...

It's sad with all the open country out there that sooner or later one of the small communities gets hit. I have friends and acquaintances in Greensburg and have been there many times. For those of you searching, Google, "the worlds larges hand dug well." I have been to Greensburg many times when I lived out that way.

My heart and prayers go out to all the residents of this quiet farm community.

Later Y'all.

Cheryl said...

Another bad day out there. I'll be thinking about you.