Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Today I am speaking to many of our future managers. We have a program in our company which develops department managers or people outside of our company into assistant managers. I am speaking to them today. WooHoo! I love doing this part of the job.

The dinner last night was okay. We went to a Cajun joint. I ordered the blackened grouper Alexander. I could only eat half. Josh's parents, brother, and grandmother went. I will admit that his family is totally different than mine. We were raised in two separate households, that's for sure. I will fill you in one day on the dynamics of his family. yeah, I'll leave it at that.


Cheryl said...

I read that talking in front of a group is the #1 fear of many people. So, it's great that you really enjoy it. I've gotten better at it, but hardly ever have the occasion to do it.

We'll be off 'together' tomorrow. My goal is to finish my outside work. We'll both be sore!

captain corky said...

Looking forward to reading about the inferences.

Terri said...

yeah, me too, sounds like it'll be a loaded post! :o)

austere said...

talking, presenting to strangers? ahem, not me.