Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm Finally Back

Well, it certainly feels like I have been gone for a week. I was in Omaha from Wednesday thru Sunday. I was helping out some stores up there. Glad to be home!

Work is getting crazier every day. The economy plays a big role in our jobs. I mean, if people don't have money, they aren't going to shop as much. What irks me is that many people think Wal-mart is cheaper and they really are not. They do a great job of giving people that perception.

Anyway, it's a new week and I have lots to do today. Have a great one!



Anonymous said...

Abbagirl, it's all in the marketing... and public perception. I don't fall for one retailer being cheaper over another. (sorry) I just shop where I can (and it's usually not WM!)

I know that right now the food manufacturing and retailing business is booming (to say the least!) and I know it's competitive as all get-out.

Hubby's company is busy up to their giggy supporting a major food manufacturer... Can't find enough engineers to help... We'll be busy for as while doing the plant grand tours across America.

I think I know which retailer you work for (hubby's done some work for several of your plants), and I wish you all booming success in this economy.

austere said...

You too a good week, abbagirl.. aren't things getting ever so slightly better?

Anonymous said...

welcome back sis.

Seth M. Ward said...

Always cheap labor.....always.

Hope the economer picks back up and people start spending for you.

Keep on keepin on.

Cheryl said...

It is in the marketing. It's like with hair products. People think that places like Beauty First carry salon products for less. Or even the drug stores that carry pirated products. The prices are the same as in salons. I say pirated because salon products sold outside of salons have been diverted and what you get is products that are contraband.