Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vacation - Day Seven at Cedar Point!

The first coaster - Millennium Force. This was the kid's second favorite coaster and my brother's favorite.

I took this photo on the way to the Maverick.

This is the Maverick. This was Josh's favorite coaster and the kid's third favorite coaster.

There was only a 15 minute wait for the Mean Streak. It is one of the park's oldest coasters.

Josh hated the Mine Ride. He said it was way too jolty.

Here is the Gemini. This is where two coasters race each other, blue vs. red.

This is the kid's favorite coaster - the Magnum XL-200! He rode in a car by himself.

This one is the Corkscrew.

Iron Dragon

The Mantis was my kid's fourth favorite ride. It is a stand up coaster.

This was the last coaster. The Raptor is one that you sit in and your feet dangle. This was the kid's fifth favorite.

There was another coaster before the Raptor. It was an inside coaster and was totally in the dark. I couldn't take a picture of this one. The kid and my brother wanted to ride on the Top Thrill Dragster, but it was down for repairs. Too bad because that was the main one everyone wanted to ride. Guess we have a good reason to go back soon.
Cedar Point was so much fun for the kid. My mom and Aunt Jo came with us also. I can't do the coasters anymore because I get motion sickness. But we rode the train about 6 times and my mom just loved it. The kid was very happy and said it was the perfect end to his summer. I was glad he had a great time. He rode 11 coasters with my brother. We were there from 10:30 in the morning until 7:30 in the evening. Not bad for 11 coasters. The kid did not ride on any other rides except for the coasters.
We headed back to Fostoria and ate dinner at Frickers in Fremont, Ohio. I was extremely tired. I hit the hay as soon as we came home. Friday was going to be a day of rest for us and we would be driving back on Saturday. I will post tomorrow about the last two days.


austere said...

What a lot of rides! phew!
Thanks for sharing your fun-filled day.

I was almost going to ask if that was you in the picture.

Anonymous said...

This post brings back memories. I grew up in NW Ohio and every year the Company Dad worked for had a Cedar Point Day. It was always the second or third week in June.

Back then the roller coasters were The Blue Streak, Coal Mine Ride, The Gemini, the Wildcat and the Corkscrew (which was brand new at the time).

My how things change, but in essence some thing stay the same... thanks for sharing the day. It brought back happy childhood memories!


Annabel said...

So.very.jealous!!! I'm glad you all had a great time and your son has great taste! I need to get back to Cedar Point soon. I did get to ride Top Thrill Dragster. It was my 100th coaster to ride. I had to wait two days though due to repairs as well. But it was worth it!

Andfre said...

I love coasters!

Cheryl said...

I'm catching up! I don't do coasters. Can't understand why anyone would want to do them. Funny, huh? I'm so glad Josh had fun. Do you ride them?