Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vacation - Day Five

Wow, we are moving right along now aren't we? Day Five brings us to Tuesday. We stayed the night in Cinci because it was an evening game the night before. Wow, talk about being tired. Josh slept in until after 9 a.m. For some reason, my brother and I kept getting up super early. We would get up around 6 or 7 in the morning and that was at Eastern time. We are on Central time back home. It was strange.

Anyway, we got our things together and decided to have breakfast at Bob Evans. You can't come to Ohio and not eat at a Bob Evans. They have the best home-style breakfast and the service was great. I got their 2 egg special with hash browns, sausage, and pan cakes. It was delicious!

After breakfast we called my other cousin who lives in Columbus. She is the older sister of cousin Chuck Norris (lol...). We figured we would get there around lunch time. She gave us the address and we set our Garmin for the destination. That darn Garmin got us lost. Actually, there were several bridges out and we had to take the long way around to get there. We took mainly back roads and went through a very pretty little town called Lebanon. Holy cow was it beautiful. I did not take any pictures because I was getting frustrated with all of the detours. We finally arrived in Columbus a little after 1 p.m. Not exactly on time, but we were there.

My cousin drove us over to the Ohio State Campus so we could gawk and wish over and over we went there during our college days. This is our family's favorite college. We root for them all the time. Go Bucks! This is the Big O in front of the football stadium.

This is the Kid with my brother across the street from the campus. It was so funny because there was a lot of traffic and people were actually trying to slow down so we could get a picture. We totally looked like tourists!

Here is the Kid and my brother in front of the football stadium. My brother is 6 ft. tall. My kid is almost getting there and he is only 14.

After touring the campus, we decided to grab a late lunch over at Eddie George's restaurant. It was awesome. I had a mushroom swiss burger and it was one of the best burgers I have had in a very long time.

While there, we all had to use the restroom. The guys told me that you could see out of the window/mirror at the televisions on the restaurant floor while you were doing your business at the urinal. They also told me that the urinals had an upside down M for those poor Michigan fans who dared to enter and eat at this fine establishment. Too funny!

After lunch, we said goodbye to our cousin, but not for long. She was coming back to Fostoria for our family reunion the next day. The family reunion is what we will cover tomorrow in Day Six.


Andfre said...

I love the classic breakfast, although I'll take bacon over sausages. Both would be nice too!
Do people look at you funny when you take pictures of your meal, or are they resigned to it by now? I get funny looks when I do it. Doesnt stop me though!

norrbu said...

I almost went to Ohio for college (not Ohio State though).

Lois Grebowski said...

If you go back through Cincinnati, stop at Graeter's for ice cream. Trust me. This stuff is dreamy and unlike any other ice cream you've ever had.

Have a safe trip!

Leann said...

I so miss family reunions. The games, the company, the jokes. *sigh*

Sally said...

Sounds like your trip was great! I was in Cinci a few weeks ago. We went to Indy to visit my sister and took a couple days to go over to Cinci. One day my parents drove up w/ my sister and nephew to see the Air Force museum in Dayton, but they dropped me and my son off to spend the day w/ a good friend in Lebanon! =) It is gorgeous there!

Terri said...

it must be garmin in Ohio because mine totally led me to the back entrance (that I could not access) of a travel stop on the tollway! I was so aggravated, probably cost me about 1/2 hour to find the next onramp to get a ticket through all those country roads!!