Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vacation - Day Two

Day Two of vacation consisted of a 12 hour drive through the Midwest. We left Kansas City around 6:30 a.m. We ended up taking two vehicles. My dad drove his truck and took my mom and my brother with him. I had Josh and the kid with me in the rental car.

I am a speeder. I never go the speed limit. I usually go about 9 miles over the speed limit. My dad, however, does not speed at all. So, whenever we had a pit stop for gas or bathroom breaks, we would have to wait around 10 minutes for him to get there. We never stopped for food because I packed lunches for everyone. We had ham and turkey sandwiches, chips, baby carrots with ranch dip and Bing cherries. I also provided each vehicle with a goodie bag of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, cereal bars, cookies and candy. We also had a cooler in each vehicle with plenty of soda and water. This way, we would not have to stop and get food and drink on the way there. It also saved us a ton of money getting all of the provisions at the grocery store.

While on the road you always see interesting things. There are always strange names for some of these little towns and my favorite part is when we are crossing rivers and creeks. Those names are quite unique. One creek we crossed was called Nameless. Yep, pretty interesting.

I thought of my blogging friend, Seth, while driving through Indianapolis. Buddy, what is up with the speed limit? It's a racing town for goodness sake! Nothing like doing 50 miles an hour the whole way through. Anyway, Josh got really excited when he saw the Lucas Oil Stadium. He says it looks like a huge barn from far away. This is where the Colts play. I told him to take a picture so I could post it for everyone. It looks like a nice facility.

As we kept driving, I was anxiously anticipating the Ohio state line. I always get really excited when we cross over. My son kept commenting on how I was acting so different. I tried to explain to him about all of the awesome memories I have as a kid doing these road trips. It brings back such wonderful memories for me and that is something I want to continue with him. He completely understood and told me he liked seeing me that way. I was also finally starting to unwind from work. It takes me a couple of days to decompress. My job is very high stress, so I need a few days to unwind.

Welcome to Ohio!!!

Well, this concludes my second installment. My next post will include Day Three and Four. Have a great day!


Jenni said...

We make that same 12 hour drive once a year. It's always lovely to see that Ohio state line. "Beautiful Ohio thy wonders are in view, Land where all my dreams come true!"

Leann said...

I love road trips!! Can't wait to hear about the next few days.

austere said...

I'd pack too. :)

Good about decompressing.

More, please!

Yes, barn it is.

Seth M. Ward said...

lol Indy a race town? Shooting the center as we like to say, east/west or north/south is always a slow go. Just really depends on the time of day you hit it. 465 is a rat race.

We use to joke about Ohio being called "slow hi o" because it was a 55 mph state for big trucks. They just raised the speed limit I believe this year to match the cars.

It's a good thing too. Split speeds are a HUGE cause of accidents.

Glad you are/where having a good time on your vacation. Great pic of Lucas.

bonnie said...

I love road trips, but I HATE driving through Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. It's the most boring drive I can imagine and I am so thankful that the speed limit is 70 mph

Cheryl said...

I've never driven those states, but I love road trips. Good for you for packing the meals and snacks. Saves time and money, like you said. I usually travel south. Driving to Cape Cod was a treat. Can't wait to see more updates.

llamapantz said...

Nice to see you had a good time. Welcome home!
I too have been working a lot, and parts of my life suck bigtime these days, so Im looking forward to a short holiday next month. I will take pictures a plenty.

Terri said...

I'd go on a road trip with you anyday if you will do all the food prep! :o)