Friday, July 27, 2007


I just got back from the Harry Potter movie. It was.....okay. Many of my favorite characters were hardly in it. It was just a bunch of mumble jumble. I really didn't care for it that much. I am disappointed.

I am going to the Farmer's Market tomorrow. I have never been to this one. I am kind of excited. I love visiting outdoor markets. I visited Old Market in Omaha and just loved it! My kind of thing for sure. My boyfriend doesn't like stuff like that. Makes me wonder sometimes. We have so many differences, it's amazing we are still together. The relationship is starting to get a little "ordinary". That's the best way I can put it without sounding unfair. Two sides to every story. It's just that he doesn't like to do many of the things I like to do. He's into sports and I am into trying new things, especially when it comes to arts, visiting places, etc.

Anyway, I will save that for another day. Maybe.

This is my third post for the day. Wow. I am proud of myself. I am off to read the last ten blogs on my list for today. Talk at all of you tomorrow.


Annabel said...

Sorry you didn't care for the movie. I thought it was decent and kept fairly true to the book, but then again, they leave so much out, it's difficult to really get everything in that needs to be there. I think you might have enjoyed it more had you read the books.

Thanks for all your comments today! I finally posted about my day.

Sue said...

Just wanted to give you a heads up... I have posted I am taking a blogging break, however that is only because I am going to "live" over there for the month or until I can bring her home ;-)

I have established a few contacts within the office she is stuck in and am hoping my pressence/contacrs will help get her signed out.

I am keeping it hush, but wanted to share my news with you,


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the new Potter movie wasn't great!

I love going to Farmer's Markets. There is one nearby and yet I just haven't gotten too it.




my husband, bigdog said the same thing about the movie..
me, I'll wait for the dvd of it.
Just took my gramma to a farmers market yesterday..picked the tastiest cucumbers, peaches and tomatoes..
blts for lunch with a side of peach.