Saturday, July 28, 2007

This Dinner Is Going To Be Fabulous

I just finished making the onion curry dip for the vegetables. Here is the recipe. It's totally fat free!

1/2 cup fat free mayo
1 cup fat free sour cream
2 green onions thinly diced
1 small red pepper thinly diced
1/2 tsp. curry powder
1/8 tsp. garlic powder
2 tbsp. skim milk
salt and pepper if desired

Mix it all together and serve it with your favorite crunchy vegetables. Our vegetables of choice tonight will be organic baby carrots and snap peas.

The marinated chicken breasts just joined the corn on the grill. I have a cold butter stick ready to go for the corn as soon as it rests for several minutes. Have you ever had chili powder on your ear of corn? It's delicious. I am not going that route tonight, as I have yet to go to the movies. We are also going to have garden peas with tonight's meal. I opted not to do a potato or rice because it is just too hot.

Josh just walked in while I am typing this and he farted. What? Could he not have found some other remote space in the house to let out his gaseous stench? Now he is bugging me to delete this which I am not going to do.


Cheryl said...

Lots of blogging today. It was fun following your day. I've never been to a Farmer's Market. They have them here, but the most convenient ones are not at convenient times for me. My dad goes every Sunday morning. It sounds like you're doing fun stuff with your time off. Did your dinner turn out well? I've also not grilled corn.

Hope the rest of your day is a good one.

simonsays said...

I want to eat dinner with you! Ah yes, the farting thing...don't you just LOVE having boys? teehee...


If he'd only held it in for a few more steps...
how can they do that just let them rip where ever they amazes me.
You inspired me..I attended a farmers market on Saturday and loved it. Muskmelon, sweet corn, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions..yum..thank you for giving my family something to do that was fun and new!

Terri said...

yum - I'm going to have to try this dip.

yuck - grown men should act grown up! I'm so glad hubs doesn't do that (fart around me), it's more than enough to have two pre-teens doing it!