Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Valley Center Explosion

There was an explosion today in Valley Center at Barton Solvents. Please put Phelan in your thoughts and prayers as I know she only lives several miles from there. The whole city had to be evacuated. I am very worried. Please send her encouraging words as I don't know if she had to evacuate. Thank you.


Phelan said...

I'm fine. We are NW of Valley, and the smoke is headed NE. We get to stay home. But no one can go into Valley until morning.

simonsays said...

Happy to hear that things are okay!

Sally said...

We could see the smoke from work for hours and hours. It's amazing that no one has been seriously injured...looks like the response time and reaction was great.


Yikes. I hope everyone is okay. I'm glad to see tha phelan is safe as well.
Hope you're having a safe and sound day.

Portia said...

very thoughtful post. i'm glad to fin that there is no need to worry about phelan.

happy wednesday

Andfre said...

Wow that's crazy i just read her post. Glad she is okay.

KYRIE said...

Glad tht phelan is ok. People with hay fever n asthma around tht area will hv it bad with the smoke.
The news has been full of tragedies yesterday.