Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's Going To Be A Muggy Day

Whew! It's getting hot out there. Temperatures are to be in the 90s and the humidity is already at 54%. Ugh...

We went to the Copper Oven for breakfast. It's one of my favorite places to get breakfast. The service is excellent, but the coffee is okay. I really like Jeanne's coffee the best. We had biscuits and gravy, eggs, sausage, and country potatoes. Oh, and the kid had pancakes to boot.

We headed over to the Farmer's Market. Holy crap. The place was packed. It was about 10:00. Next time we are coming at opening time. It was muggy out and people were weaving in and out of the walkways, looking for the best finds. We bought 12 ears of corn, although I can't remember from who. The kid absolutely had to have cinnamon rolls made by Evelyn Heimerman (name on the sticker). And I bought some fresh blackberries from Hayes Family Gardens. Yummy! In all, it was a nice visit. It was too hot to really stop and chat at each booth. Next time I am going early, without the kid. It's just not his thing. I was hoping to see some local homemade cheese, but didn't. There were several tents for handmade soaps and lots of crafts. Crafts aren't my thing either. It was a great visit.

We then headed to the store and bought a couple of things I need for tonight's dinner. We are grilling chicken breasts, corn from today's purchases, and having some kind of starch. Probably rice. For dessert I am making a fresh citrus fruit salad made with fresh oranges, the blackberries from today, strawberries and cherries. Throw all of it together with freshly squeezed orange juice and top it with fresh whipped cream. Yum!

We have decided to go and see the Simpson's movie tonight. This is the most I have seen movies in quite some time. Since I wanted to see Harry Potter, Josh wants to see the Simpson's. He's been watching the Simpson's since they first aired. He's 27. Does that say anything?

Well, I am going to check in with the masses. Hope you are all staying cool today. Have an awesome weekend.

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