Sunday, July 29, 2007

Have A Happy Day

Well, I woke up early on purpose. I wanted to cheer Phelan on from A Homesteading Neophyte. She stayed up for 24 hours to raise money for Farm Aid. I was only able to donate $50, but every little bit counts. You still have time to check out her blog and make your own donation. Please do so if you can. Any amount will be great!

We are getting ready to leave for my mom's house. I will tune in as soon as I get home this evening. It was great to be able to post so many times this weekend. I feel like I am back in the groove again. Got the mojo back.

Have a happy day!

1 comment:

Andrew said...

I've been so excited to have you posting so much everyday. I know you work so hard, but I miss you when you are not around. I can still remember when you first posted a comment on my blog. "Who is this Abbagirl person?" I asked myself. Little did I know, I found a wonderful friend. Thank you.