Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bird Poop

Good morning. Josh is attempting to make breakfast this morning. Holy Lord, I am scared. Anyway, it's a gorgeous day out so far. I have to do some major grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping on my day off. I can actually relax and take my time throughout the store, look for bargains and anything new I might want to try and cook. Love it!

We are going to slowly remodel the house. We have emptied the furniture from the spare bedroom. This is where the computer used to be. Now the computer is downstairs in the rec room with all of Josh's sports memorabilia. fun...

This week will prove to be a busy one again. I have a meeting on Tuesday from 10 to 4, a meeting on Wednesday from 10 to 3 with a dinner to follow, then another meeting on Thursday from 8 to 5. Ugh!!!! I loathe meetings, especially if they are unproductive.

I hate bird poop. Yesterday, I went out to my car and there was a ton of it on the windshield. It was bad enough that it impaired my vision while I drove to the nearest car wash. Yuck! I hate bird poop. Especially when it's different colors. Gross.

Okay, enough gibber jabber. I am off to read up what I have missed the last two weeks. Catch you all later this afternoon.


bonnie said...

While Jessica was studying for finals on our deck this week a bird flew over and pooped directly on her bare shoulder. I had to clean her up while she tried to remain calm. Windex and a huge wad of paper towels will dissolve the poop off your windshield really quickly. I wear gloves. What are you going to do with the room that housed the computer?

Chelf said...

Birds who eat mulberries make purple poop, and purple poop will stain a white car. Been there, done that. Yucky!

Glad you are getting things organized. Enjoy the changes.

David Kim said...

I hate bird poop to, especially when it lands on me.

Don't drive a convertible with the top down if you're scared birds might bomb you.