Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Work is starting to get to me. I am so sick of the drama. I guess it's normal though.

I am working later today. I have to attend a humanitarian dinner for the city. It is being held at one of the aircraft companies. I am making Josh go with me. Poor guy. Anyway, this dinner is usually really long. Dinner starts around 6:30 and the awards are handed out right after. It has been known to last until 9 pm sometimes. I hope tonight goes quickly.

The kid got into some trouble at school yesterday. He was sassing a teacher back and was sent to the Vice Principal's office. Lucky for me, I have a good relationship with him. We discussed what the kid said and what the punishment would be. The kid had to go and apologize to the teacher and then stay after school to do any chores necessary for that teacher. The teacher accepted the apology and left it at that. Too bad for the kid though. He came home and did extra chores and of course, got a lecture on respect. Teenagers! Aha! I can say that now.

I am really looking forward to ABC Photograph Wednesday tomorrow. I have some neat pictures for the letter G.

Hope you all have a great day!


norrbu said...

happy belated birthday. I hope you have a wonderful year.

Leann said...

Hope it was an early night for you and it didn't last forever!!

Gotta love teenagers. I'm SO glad mine are grown. Kinda....lol

austere said...

Hope the dinner was bearable. Bet you enjoyed it once you got there!

David Kim said...

I think your kid sounds pretty good for a teenager.

I didn't know he was a teen! I've always thought "the kid" was a little kid.