Friday, March 28, 2008

Boys, Blogs, and Bad Officiating

It wasn't that productive of a day. I am in the computer room typing this post while Josh is watching the KU game. Bad officiating tonight. He keeps cussing at the t.v. I better stay in here and keep my nose out of the game.

It's funny, you know. Boys get so funny during football season or when their team is playing. I have learned to just keep quiet and stay away if they are losing. He would never admit it, but he is pretty bad during football season. hehehehe....

So, I put some different songs on my blog. I just love this song from John Mayer. I still need to watch the movie, but I will wait for it to come out on DVD. I don't like crying in theaters and I know that movie will probably have me bawling. Both actors are phenomenal, and the fact that they are in this movie together is totally awesome.

I was on MySpace today looking up old friends. Can you believe I can't remember half the people I went to high school with? Sad, but true. I don't keep in contact with any of them. I graduated from Great Bend High School in 1992. We thought we were invincible back then. We were fools. It's amazing how nothing stays the same after high school. I always knew I wouldn't stay there. My dreams were much too big then what that small town could offer me. I knew it way back then. I am glad I followed my heart.

Well, I am going to surf the net.


marykay said...

Hello Chick,
Boys are all the same, I just switched the channel off of some boring basketball game and you would have thought I cut his arm off..Now I am gonna watch Dan in real life hopefully good. I live for my weekends. And yes you have my vote for most awesomest aunt!! Have a great weekend!!I have a myspace too they are fun.

austere said...

Cricket in my part of the world and now we have these international league type teams with funny names, Kolkatta Tigers and whatnot. My interest is limited to " Who's winning?"

Some you keep in touch with- a very few.

Sally said...

The bad officiating didn't hurt them too bad, since KU pretty much killed the other team...I fell asleep during the 2nd half and woke up to see that they won.

I didn't care much for sports before I met B (in fact, I didn't even know what March Madness was before him), but in order to spend ANY time with him, I've learned over the years, and I really enjoy bball and football now (no baseball for me!).

Oh, and the class of '92 rocks! Of course, I don't keep in touch with anyone from my class anymore either.

Chelf said...

I graduated in 1992 also. I only keep up with one anymore. Truth be told, she keeps up with me. The rest, the invincible, are learning that life is not always fair, and that the pretty don't always win.

Leann said...

I so agree with you. I knew I would never stay in the small town in which I grew up in. I was meant for bigger and better things. I've always wanted to travel and very much have the wanderlust bug. I try to satisfy it with my road trips :-)

David Kim said...

I'm the class of 92 too! I only keep in touch with a couple of people from high school also.