Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mickey Mouse and a HairDo!

Morning. Yesterday was good day. Work was so-so. Josh and I went to Red Robin to eat dinner with some friends and celebrate a birthday. DJ's birthday was on Easter Sunday, so he had a get-together last night. I have never eaten at Red Robin before, so it was interesting. They have all you can eat steak fries. I am not a french fry person, so I watched all of the guys wolfing them down. I was the only girl there, which is not unusual, as most of my friends are male. What sucks about this is I never have any girlfriends to go shopping with or hang out with.

So anyway, this restaurant is known for it's burgers. I ordered a pulled pork sandwich. I guess I am not big on burgers either. The wait staff came around with balloons and an ice cream sundae for our friend. They made him wear the balloons tied under his chin. I totally forgot my camera, and I wish you could have seen him. He looked like Mickey Mouse.

I had some strange dreams last night. I dreamed about WH, my so-called best friend. He is the one who stopped talking to me on a regular basis after he started dating his girlfriend. Anyway, his birthday is coming up and maybe that is why I dreamed about him. He was working at Lowe's and was getting ready for some grand opening. He wouldn't talk to me or the group of people touring his store. It was the strangest dream. It's like I wanted him to see me, but then again, I didn't. Oh well.

I am anxiously waiting for my coffee to finish brewing. I slept in until 8 this morning - only working a half day. Why?

Because I am getting my hair done! WooHoo! Of course, I always wish I could fly Cheryl down here to do my hair, but I have found a decent woman to do it. I am just going in to get touched up on the color and to get a trim. Nothing new and exciting. Sorry, I won't post any pictures. I am not comfortable with that yet.

So, I better get the coffee to go and get on the road. Hope you have a sassy Sunday!


Sally said...

We were at PF Changs last night! And when we drove up, B said that he wished we were going to Red Robin's instead. That would have been funny. I LOVE burgers and fries, and I eat way too much at Red Robin, but it's yummy. PF Changs was super yummy, too!

marykay said...

I have never been to Red Robin, don't really know if we have them in Texas, Must have been the night for strange dreams I dreamed of someone other than T which is odd, really need to look into that or not! You really are always busy, wish I had half your energy. Have a Great Sunday!

Cheryl said...

I haven't been to Red Robin either. All you can eat fries? That's one way to fill people up.

I've been having many bad hair days. Do I need a cut or to let it grow? We hairdressers have hair issues too.

I hope you enjoyed your day!

austere said...

Does the new cut look nice? I have long hair and wear it tied up, some day maybe will cut it off.. maybe, no courage.

David Kim said...

What? No pictures?