Thursday, March 20, 2008

Need To Get Busy

Good morning. We had a great time at my parents' house. I wasn't able to give my mom her gift. It is a nice picture of her and her two grandchildren. I am waiting on the frame. I will see her on Monday, so I can give it to her then.

I am behind on about three projects at work, so I need to get busy. I should be caught up after today. Deadlines are virtually impossible with these store visits going on. But that would be an excuse, so I won't go there. Well, at least not today.

The kid only has a few more days of freedom before he must go back to school. He has a mini geometry project due which should only take up about an hour of his time. I encouraged him to work on it some over at his dad's house today, but I know it probably won't happen. His dad is starting to get on my nerves. It's pretty sad when you only talk to your kid once in a six day stretch. I call my kid every day. Guess that's why he's with me.

Well, gotta get going. Have a great day!


marykay said...

Great picture idea, I had a pic for my dad framed for x-mas and by the time it was finished I had forgotten about it. Sorry about the kids Dad he is the one missing out!

Tory said...

Hope you have an awesome Easter weekend, Abbagirl! Enjoy it, you work hard.
Take care

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Have a great weekend!

David said...
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Dave said...
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Cheryl said...

I can relate. Em's dad is great, but not in touch like I'd like him to be. Like you, I call every day when she's with him.

Have a great weekend. What's on the menu?

Andfre said...

Hey Abba-Chachi I just noticed I am at 14 posts for March to your 15. What the heck? Not that it's a contest tho.

Happy Easter to you - hope you have a lovely weekend :)


I am behind on all of you guys! I'm so sorry!!!!!
I hope you guys have a great weekend!!

Beach shells!

Happy Easter!
Always, xo,

Palm Springs Savant said...

hey there...first time visitor to your blog...nice to meet you. I work in retail as a buyer...I'm guessing you work at a retail corporate office too. Anyway stop by and say hi sometime.

Dave said...

You appear to have been really busy before Easter... Hope you had a great Easter however! :-)

Take care!

Portia said...

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

marykay said...

Hey Girl, where are you? Hope you had a great Easter!


Happy Belated Easter!!
I hope it was a nice weekend for you guys!!

STACY'S TRIP said...

how are you doing over there