Saturday, March 15, 2008

Long Day

Today was such a long day. Just when I think it will be a short one, something always comes up. This time, the boss decides to hang out in KC to watch the Big 12 Tournament. Did he bother to tell anyone? No. So a couple of us had to put out a couple of fires around the zone. Good thing I have an extra large extinguisher in my trunk.

I totally missed Phelan's barbecue. It's in celebration of Dan's birthday. Happy Birthday Dan! He's younger than me, I am sure. Such a baby still.

This evening I made an incredible meal. I sauteed some chicken breasts in the skillet, put them in a casserole dish, then smothered it with this awesome creamy chicken with wild rice and mushroom soup. I let it cook in the oven for another 30 minutes and served it with some potatoes. Uh, can you say Yumm-O? Quite tasty! It was perfect for the cool weather we had today. Highs were around 45. Not bad, but definitely not the 60 degree weather we have had either.

I think tomorrow may have to be a simple dinner and then a roast for Monday. Need to do some last minute shopping for some gemstone potatoes and organic baby carrots. I might try a leek in there also. May be very tasty that way. Wish you all could come to dinner on Monday.

My mom's birthday is coming up. What do you get a mother who has everything? Not sure yet what I am going to do. We shall see.

Okay, so I am getting ready for bed. Another Sunday daily grind tomorrow. Have a great night!


Andfre said...

I've heard of junk in the trunk but a fire extinguisher??! LOL!
Mmm that chicken dinner sounds simply splendid. I might try that recipe sometime soon. Wish I could make it over for the roast on Monday, but I have to work :(

Phelan said...

You are more then welcome to come out anytime. My boys are on spring break this week, if your kid is, feel free to bring him on out. We will set them all out to pasture, let them run until they colapse and have some coffee. I have a few apples left, let me know when you want to come out, I'll make some apple crumb coffee cake. Cows are milked early morning and evening, if you want to get in on some of that action. And feel free to come out to get all dirty and work out some of those city pressures in the garden. :D

marykay said...

Sounds like a full day, and you still cooked. Look up troll beads they bracelets that you add as many beads as you like for special occasions or you can buy them completed..Meg gave me one for my 40th it is very special! have an awesome day!

Leann said...

That chicken dinner sounds awesome and I'll have to give it a try. I'm back to eating rarely at home because it's just me again. I eat at the hospital alot, which makes me eat healthier. I've lost soo much weight since I started working out at the gym. I'm very proud of myself.....sorry, this is your

For your about something pics of you kids, of get the gist.

Cheryl said...

Don't you feel good when you cook an awesome dinner? I need to start heating up my frozen leftovers. I tend to forget about them, but I have lots since there's just Emily and me.

Hope your Sunday was a good one.

austere said...

Aww too bad you couldn't go.. but the apple crumb coffee cake sounds heavenly, I hope you go and then write about it.

simonsays said...

What time is dinner, I'll be there! I don't even care when or what you are having, you make it ALL sound wonderful.

Have a happy week.


Sorry to hear about the neverending day! It's amazing what March Madness does to men isn't it?? :)

Happy birthday to your mom, maybe do something that involves personalizing a gift..things remembered is a great place on line too!

Hope your house is still quiet this monday morning, if not, enjoy the noise it brings!! :)



and I'm sorry to have read about Ola Brunkert from tragic! And losing his wife less then a year ago?
sad day..

Sally said...

What about a mani/pedi for your mom? Does she like that kind of stuff?

Sally said...
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Portia said...

You are quite the chef! The chicken dish sounds great. Isn't it funny how the days (or weeks) we expect to be the shortest are always the longest?

David Kim said...

I was shocked to hear the drummer from Abba die recently too.