Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ranting - Can you believe it?

I can't believe I am doing this, but I thought I would do another post this evening. I know, call me crazy. I am bored and I have caught up on all the many blogs I love.

Today was interesting. I had to speak to a department manager about relocating to a much smaller store. It's just not working out at this large store for him. It was tough. I was very positive and he left with a very good attitude. This made me realize the decision to keep him on board was a good one. I know he has potential and has room to grow. I am thankful he was okay with the transfer.

After that, I went to a luncheon at work. Several of us were honored for providing excellent customer service. I was nominated by our shrink department. The director presented me with an award and said some really nice things about me. It was kind of hard to hear it though, in front of my peers. I never did take compliments well.

The luncheon was over around 1:30, so I decided to head down the road to a competitor store where I know some of the employees. They walked me through their store and allowed me to take pictures. Thank goodness there is a nice relationship there or I would have been thrown out of the store. After leaving that store, I made my way back to the little city and decided to pick the kid up from school. It's not my turn, but I called his dad and let him know I wanted to surprise him. The kid surprised me himself with a great grade on his math test. With a couple of high fives, we decided to head home.

Ever since arriving home, we have been cleaning. I am just tired of seeing my house dirty. Josh and his brother spent all afternoon yesterday doing yard work. It looks fantastic. My job was the inside. So, the kid helped. He was in charge of his room and the living room. Easy enough.

Now, I am here. Typing away like there is no tomorrow.

I received several comments about one of my pictures - the one of Ground Zero. I know it still hurts for many to see the photo, but I wanted to post it anyway. It was a part of my experience in NYC and it means something special to me also. It's hard to believe they are still pulling up the wreckage.

Okay, looking at this new post I have created this evening, I have noticed it is much longer than I anticipated. That's what I get for ranting. Have a wonderful evening!


Cheryl said...

Woohoo! I was surprised to hear from you again. Nicely surprised. Sounds like today was a good one.

I'd love to go to other salons to just look around. Maybe I should try it some day.

Take care Abba!

Leann said...

It was nice reading about your day.

I had no idea they were still digging up rubble from Ground Zero. I didn't have a clue they had put the steel from the World Trade Centers into a ship either until I was reading an article the other day. Amazing.

Portia said...

Sounds like the situation with the dept mgr was tough but handled very well by both of you. Congratulations on your award!!!