Monday, September 29, 2008

I Can't Sleep

I can't sleep.

It's been exactly two weeks since I last posted. I apologize for worrying any of you. I needed the time off. I am still off from work until October 7. It was a pretty major surgery, but everything is fine. I do want to thank everyone for their comments and concerns. I really appreciate it! It's nice to know so many of you continue to care.

I can't sleep.

I think I have insomnia. I have not been able to sleep for a week now. I usually don't doze off until around 2 am. It sucks.

I have lots of time on my hands and I have to take it easy. So, I have been vegging out at home and at my parents' house. I am feeling much better, but I am limited on what I can do. No lifting of more than 8 pounds. Kind of sucks.

I have not kept up with everyone the past two weeks, and I don't think I will be able to go that far back with all of you to catch up with your lives. So, I will start fresh Monday afternoon. I have a small list of things I would like to accomplish tomorrow, so this will be one of them. Well, until then, I will try and get some sleep.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I so know how you feel about the lack of sleep. I'm miserable without my sleep.

take care of yourslef, dear... Glad to ehar you're okay. Was worried about ya!

marykay said...

Glad you are doing okay minus the insomnia, take your time to rest don't do too much, prayers are with you.

austere said...

Good to hear from you again.

Rest up, ok?

And good luck with the sleep.

Sally said...

Glad you're recovering well. I hope the insomnia thing goes away soon! Enjoy your time off!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

me too, can't sleep so I finally took a sleep aid and the next thing you know I slept until 2 in the afternoon.

simonsays said...

I am just happy to hear from you. I hope you get your strength back soon - and get back to the normal YOU. Until then, enjoy some badly needed time off. Hugs, honey. :)

David Kim said...

I am glad you're okay from your surgery. I hope you continue to recover and hope that your insomnia goes away soon. I'm sorry it took me awhile to post a comment on your blog, but I've been super-busy with work lately. I've never slept so little in my life these past few weeks. Some days, I did not even sleep. I'm better now.