Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dinner With A Possible Attitude

Hey there! Just finishing up with dinner. This evening I made cheese raviolis with meat sauce and garlic bread. It was great!

Another average work day. I woke up and took a shower, then headed to the west side of town to do some store visits. The first store I went to was behind schedule. I went in to do some plan-o-grams for one of my department tables. The next store I went to was the department who needed the plan-o-grams. We are going to implement them on Thursday. I stayed at this store and did some paperwork and talked to the store manager about what to do with our chef. After lunch, I headed to my last store. We have some personnel issues with this store and I was told that they had some visits from some suits the day before. It wasn't a good visit for them.

As I was leaving, the kid was calling me with his grocery list. I feel like his personal assistant some days. I can't wait for him to start driving, responsibly I might add. Anyway, I filled up one of my reusable bags and headed for the house.

Did I mention today was just wonderful? It was rainy and cool all day. I should have lived in Seattle. I could live like this every day. It's the perfect weather for me. Not hot, but cool and mild. Wonderful weather!

This evening will consist of Josh watching football all night while I surf the web and the kid catches up on all his cartoons/shows. I have tomorrow off and Josh starts vacation. I do have a hair appointment at 11 am tomorrow, so at least I will be gone when the Chiefs kick off. I hate being around at home when the Chiefs are losing. Josh gets such an attitude problem. It never fails, around football season, the house gets tense.

Well, I guess I better get going. The kid is testing my nerves. Later...

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David Kim said...

Didn't you say last week how much you missed your kid when he was away?