Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wow... thank you so much for the support! I know I will need more as time gets closer. I am counting down the days.

I am working all weekend. Hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend with those you love.


austere said...

Good Morning.
Its a nice sunshiny sunday, birds chriping, someone's listening to the radio far away.
Cooked lunch already, waiting for the maid who does the "top work". :) Will dust and then bath and then read/write. Evening go to visit my aunt, she's very far away, about 1.5 hr road time one way- traffic is so bad.

tons of concern and we're there, ok?


I am hoping things will be a smooth road for you--and you'll have perfect caretakers with your son and anyone else that may want to offer you help!! :)


David Kim said...

I'm sure that you will be back tougher than ever after your surgery.