Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday, Monday

Hello! Just checking in before I hit the hay. Long day tomorrow. We have some visitors from Michigan coming, so it will be a long day. I am anxious to work with them.

Today proved to be another one of those Mondays we all love to hate. Why is it that the most trying of days has to be Monday? Why? Why do people all of a sudden get stupid and annoying on a Monday? Yes, I am being mean, but my goodness!

First, it all starts off with my inability to remember the simplest of things - like laundering the kid's gym clothes last night while I was actually doing the laundry. Duh! Then I had to have Josh drop the gym clothes off at the school after they were dry.

Second, this morning, I casually check over the kid's algebra homework and it was done lazily. He didn't write out all of the algebraic equations properly. And by golly, I am a stickler for using the words sum, difference, product, and quotient! So on the way to school, he is correcting his homework. Halfway there, I notice he did not brush his teeth. Aargh! How much were those precious braces framing your beautiful, soon to be straight teeth? Yes... can you feel my pain?

Third, I had to sit through a 2 and 1/2 hour conference call this morning, putting me behind an hour. Lovely....

Fourth, I get to my second store and it is tore up from the floor up. The department was completely unorganized, with remnants of inventory being counted, but nothing put back. Looks like I am going to have to resort to making this department schedule out again.

Fifth, one of my tables got sent back to the warehouse by my lovely director. No communication... gotta love that.

I will spare you the rest as all of this happened before lunch. With that, I am going to hit the shower and it's off to bed for this one. Too much for one day.


Lois Grebowski said...

Oy, sounds like a day to wear one out.... hate those marathon conference calls...

Leann said...

Wow, sounds like you had quite a day. I don't wanna even know what the 2nd half looked like :-)

Hope you get lots of sounds restful sleep tonight and are ready to take on the world tomorrow!

austere said...


Almost Tuesday afternoon here.

Didn't you feel like boxing someone's ears off?

Meloncutter said...

Sounds about like a normal day for our company. In 2 weeks my store is the model store for the halloween walk through. Then a week after that we start the total floor up remodel in my produce department. My sales are up 14 percent and they cut my hours.

Ya, its just another normal day.

Grin a bare it. (not bear it, I am just referring to mooning someone just to ease the stress.)

Later Y'all.

simonsays said...

I know exactly what you mean, even folks with brains generally don't function well on Monday, and that leaves the rest of the world - US --to do it for them.

A two and a half hour conference call? That would cause me to shoot myself...and what I find the most irritating, is that most generally, those kind of calls could be condensed to a half an hour, it it weren't for the other idiots on the line...but there you go again, like I said before, even folks with brains lose them on Mondays. Argh.

I hope your Tuesday is waaaay better. :)


Cheryl said...

Was your Tuesday way better? I love having Mondays off even though it means I have to work on Saturday.

Portia said...

Yikes, sounds like a couple Mondays rolled into one! I hope the week has gotten better:)