Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wish I Could Be Like David Kim

Sunday, a day of rest. Well, maybe if you don't work retail. I have to be in Hutch by 11 am this morning. I am only working until 6 pm though. It should be a fairly easy day.

I have several loads of laundry staring at me in the face this morning. It's all from the big president's meeting we had last week. You want to talk about some hard work. Whew! Working 14 hour days is not my favorite thing to do. This is the reason why I didn't post. I was just too dang tired!

As I sit here eating my cream of wheat and drinking my coffee, I realize I have such a boring life. It's filled with too much work. I need to get out more. I wish I could be more like my blogging friend David Kim. He and his wife Sarah travel to many local places and visit. I love tuning into his blog to see where he is going or where he has been riding his bike. Very interesting guy. You should check his blog out. Go here, for the fun-loving Korean guy who loves to cycle and loves BMW. Tell him I sent you!

Okay, I better get going this morning. I have to drop some supplies off to some store before I head over to Hutch. Have a great Sunday!



I've seen his comments in numerous blogs that we read--I will have to check out the blog ( I did once a long time ago)

Hope monday isn't too hectic or the week.

8th grade, wow! Time flies, right?


Leann said...

Enjoy your day and thanks for the new blog suggestions. Love reading new stuff. I so understand about needing to get out more..LOL

Anonymous said...

“human nature may atrophy if people continue to toil in the same worn out soil”

-- Jhumpa Lahiri (unaccustomed earth)

Lynx217 said...

I'm lucky. I work retail and they let me have Sunday and Monday off. But that doesn't mean I escape Monday-like days. They just come a day late.
I hope your day went well today.

David Kim said...

Thanks Abbagirl,

You're too kind. :)

I appreciate your endorsement.

I was going to say "I wish I could be like Abbagirl."

I hope you have more time to go out and have fun.