Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Oh my goodness. I am so bored. I tried taking a nap. I went through all of my mail. I did some laundry. Ugh. I am surfing the computer. Nothing to do.

Blogging is getting a little old. I am not sure why I have not been motivated to blog. It seems as though everyone has spring fever.

I don't even know what plans we have for this evening. Do I need a vacation?


Cheryl said...

Boring is depressing. Did you find something to do?

Leann said...

Boring is standard for me unfortunatley on my days off..unless it's pay day and then I can pay days.

Annabel said...

Why yes you need a vacation. How about Vegas in June?

marykay said...

I say take a vacation!

David Kim said...

Blogging is never boring! You need to find some inspiration.

It seems like you are the type that are happy when you're really busy.

I like to take it easy and relax. I can always find a ton of fun stuff to do.

Andfre said...

I would miss you big time if you were not blogging; actually yours is the only blog I check almost everyday. Although if you want to spend more time in the real world world I guess I would understand that too, albeit with a sad look on my unshaved mug.

KYRIE said...

I have the tropical fever right now :)
I have been slow with blogging too. So much stuff has happened, but I haven't updated yet.
Maybe over the weekend.

simonsays said...

I think alot of us are having blogging problems lately, I certainly have been. It seems that there is so much to do, and not enough time to get it all done. I have been very bad at getting to all my favorite blogs, and I feel bad. It takes alot of time, and while I cannot live without knowing how all my friends are, some days, I just can't get to it. How in the world will I ever find time to work again, LOL...

I hope you are doing well and that you cured your boredom. I feel certain you did, because you don't really have any extra time in your life, either.

Have a good weekend, although I'm sure you will be working.

Hugs, my friend.


norrbu said...

I'd rather be bored today. Currently on my 8th hour in the library.