Friday, April 04, 2008

Good morning. I have a meeting at 9:30 this morning, so I thought I would spend a little time on this post before having to leave.

I have just prepped and seasoned the center cut boneless pork chops we are having this evening. I think I am going to smother them in this kick-ass gravy I make and serve it all over rice. Perhaps I will also prepare some steamed broccoli for a side. No dessert ideas as of yet. I might have to pick up something from the store.

I was reading about kitchen gadgets on Bonnie's blog and thought about the gadgets that are my favorite and which ones I don't use. I use my hand mixer the most. I also like just the plain old whisks you can use by hand. I don't really use my Kitchen Aid mixer as much as I would like to. I have a food processor that never gets used. Let's see, the blender, the omelet maker, the sandwich maker and the roaster only get used maybe once or twice a year. I do use my crock pot and rice cooker a lot. I probably use the rice cooker the most out of any gadget I have.

I also love pots and pans. I have a several sets still in boxes. I am hoping to use them one day when we have a brand new house. The current ones I have are in great shape, so I can't see letting them go right now. I also have a bunch of new dishes, glasses, silverware, etc. in boxes. It's funny how I am just waiting to use them. These are all gifts from family members and I have plenty on hand, so they sit prettily in their box, waiting to be opened and used. Looks like one day, a pretty large garage sale will be in my future. I have never had a garage sale before. Is it hard work?

Changing the subject...

Have any of you tried quince paste before? It's delicious! It is made from the quince fruit and is cooked down with lemon and sugar. It forms a paste which is then made into sort of a firm jelly. The stuff I buy is from Spain. It pairs well with cheese, especially Manchego, and is excellent for a dessert. Aha! I have just solved what I am serving for dessert. I am the only one who likes it, so I may need an alternative. Anyway, if you can find it, you must try it. It is very good.

Okay, enough ranting. I will catch you all later this evening. Have a great day!


STACY'S TRIP said...

I loved that song when I came to your blog. Just made my day so I had to make one too. So, you can hear that I stole your song for my site too. Thank you

Dave said...

Oh yah... great! Write a post about food when I am hungry huh! :-)

I can't imagine having all those kitchen gadgets... I wouldn't know what to do with them! :-)

Have a great meal and a great weekend!

Maybe I WILL take a photo of me in that ratty hat! LOL

STACY'S TRIP said...

Girl, I had to come tell you again that I am absolutely obsessed with that 'Say' song by John Mayer. I am listening to it over and over. Thanks again.

Leann said...

I gain weight just reading your

I don't have many kitchen gadgets. I've moved so many times I am down to bare necessities. Do hve a microwave tho...I consider that my gadget

David Kim said...

Reading your posts always makes me hungry and makes me want to cook.

May I ask how long it takes for you to make dinner and wash the dishes?

Sometimes it takes me over an hour to make dinner and I feel that that is way too long. It takes me about half an hour to do the dishes too if there are a lot.

I usually like to spend as little time as possible cooking and doing the dishes.

I like to save time by making a lot of food and having leftovers for the rest of the week.