Thursday, April 03, 2008

It's All Good

Everything went well the past two days. My dad had to stay an extra day for more recovery, but he is now home and doing well.

Going back to work today was the worst. When you are scheduled off, but are stressing about something non-work related, it really drains you when you come back.

My kid's track meet was cancelled due to rain today. It wasn't even that bad this afternoon, but I don't know the circumstances, so whatever.

I have much to get done at home. Looking around, I see the laundry has piled up a bit, the kitchen floor needs cleaned and the bathroom needs some attention in the next few days. Will it ever get all done?

Have I told you I am totally in love with the song by Leona Lewis. It is the second song on my playlist. I just love it!!! Listen to it. Let me know what you think.

Later potaters.


Tory said...

I love this song.
I'm glad your Dad is alright and recoups very fast.
Take care

bonnie said...

I'm glad all is fine with your Dad. It takes so much out of you when you can't be down during your down time. It's like being sleep deprived. Take care of yourself. Maybe you need an extra day.

David Kim said...

It's a good song.

Thumbs up.