Thursday, September 13, 2007

My computer is acting up again. For some reason it says that my protection services are not installed and they don't expire until 01/08. It's mcafee, of course. What the hell? Perhaps I have contracted a worm or virus? Sometimes I can log in, sometimes I can't. It's being temperamental. Any help out there?


Cheryl said...

Wish I could help you but you know I've had my Internet problems. Hopefully they're all solved.

Em loved the fact that you want to interview her. She copied the questions and will respond when she can.

And your vacation starts when?

The lab tech said my doctor should have the results in about 4-5 days. Long days...


I would recommend doing a system won't solve the issue permanently, but it will get you back to where you need to be.
How many more days???

How excited are you?
Work easy, rest often!

Andfre said...

or maybe uninstal the virus software and then re-install it

A. J. Franklin said...

McAfee is "nagware." They will start blowing their obnoxious horn and pop up three months before you need to buy a renewal. Do yourself a favor, find out where you can get a mail in rebate, and buy Zone Alarm Internet Suite.

I got it on sale at for $35 and then sent in a mail in rebate for the whole thing...still waiting but not worried.

Anything you get will be better than McAfee and their stinkin' nagware.

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