Saturday, September 29, 2007

Following Up

Okay, so I came home early today. Still having some stomach problems. I thought I would update on some of the comments and questions that were left from the previous posts.

1. What happened to your best friend turned love?
- Well, he is no longer in my life on my terms. He has a girlfriend and only emails me maybe once every three weeks. It's sad.
2. Is there anyone in your life now?
- Yes, my boyfriend, Josh. He's super.
3. Won't your husband get jealous if he finds out you still have butterflies in your stomach when you think about past lovers?!!
- David, no he won't. He's not my husband and my best friend was not a lover. He was someone I cared and loved for deeply. My boyfriend is not the jealous type. He's almost too laid back sometimes.

Okay, hope that clears it up some. If not, feel free to ask away. My boyfriend has free range of my blog and reads it every day. He hasn't said anything yet about what I have talked about. He's not likely to either. Becky may know where I am going with this one.

Anyway, just thought I would check in. My tummy is swirling and I cooked a roast today. Dang It!


Leann said...

It's nice to hear you have someone special in your life Abba. Did you have fun on your last trip to NYC? One of these days.....

thanks for the post on my blog. I appreciate your honesty.


I hope you're feeling better! Tummy troubles are yucky!!!!


funny, the code I had to previously enter under word verification was JOSHRU

GO figure! :)

David Kim said...

Are you going to get married to your boyfriend? Maybe you should propose. I think contemporary guys would like that. Heeheehee!