Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's a late post. Only because I can't sleep. I cleaned out my car today, took the kid shopping for some clothes, went for ice cream, took a nap, etc, etc.

It was a pretty standard day off. There really isn't much going on in my world. Maybe that is the reason why I don't have the urge to blog. There is nothing to talk about. I need something stimulating in my life to get me going. I need a hobby.

Well, that's all I got folks. Hope you are having better luck writing about things than I am.


Leann said...

You're life sounds like mine. I don't blog because I just don't have much to say. How many times can you say I went to work and came home?

austere said...

But you're still thinking, and that has to count for something, right?

I had quite liked your post abt that lady.

David Kim said...

This post is like a twitter post. Do you have a twitter account too?