Sunday, April 05, 2009

Not In Any Particular Order Today

My yearly evaluation is coming up in about two weeks. I have already completed my part of the evaluation. This one was the easiest I have ever done. Probably because I don't really care. They are all the same, plus I have a boss who is doesn't seem to care. So, I just don't really care either.

It took me two long hours to do. Yes, it's that detailed. My company doesn't ever want to do things simple. Everything is always complicated, with notes of political bull crap here and there. It gets old pretty fast.

I have a really good friend who is getting "another" tattoo. He has two or three of them now. I was present when he got the Pisces sign on his arm. It's pretty cool. I have been contemplating on getting one myself, but thinking about having it for the reeeesssttt of my life is enough to make me say, uh no! Nevertheless, I am envious of his. We have been friends for about 8 years now. He's a cool guy.

Well, I am off today. I am getting my hair done, cut and color. Not in that order though. She colors first, then cuts. I have the feeling my hairdresser only likes to do color and is intimidated to cut my long hair. Six weeks ago I made her cut 6 inches off the back and she was a little reluctant. My hair is still really long. It comes right below my bra strap in the back. It was almost to my waist before. I think I am going to get another couple of inches taken off for spring. Well, that's if we can get past the threat of snow every other day here in Kansas!

Anywhoooo. I better get around here. Have an awesome Sunday! Mine will be filled with lovely household chores. woo. hoo.


Terri said...

oooh post a picture, I love big hair makeovers and you can do it without showing you face or anything. Mine is pretty long too, I'd say bra strap too. Occasionally I go to just below the shoulders but not very often.

Annabel said...

I want to get another tattoo. My problem is that I know the idea of what I want, but I don't have the artwork for it. This time it is going to be on my ankle. I don't regret my first one... but it did hurt.

Anonymous said...

Your self evaluation sounds a little like the ones we do.
I dont have any tattoos, but plan to get one sometime. I want it to be a reward for something.
HAPPY MONDAY and have a great week AG74!

austere said...

Appraisals are the same anyplace in the world. Yep, same pinch on the "doncare!"

Since its so darn hot here and vv dusty and vv humid, I wear my in a long braid.

But a while since you wrote of any interesting deserts

Dear Liza said...

I want to see your hair, too! Mine is getting so long, but I just can't cut it off, it seems that when I do that, I look really old. But hey, I am really old.

Good luck with your annual review, but I already know that it will be perfect...because well, that's just the way you are.

Tattoos..hmmmm. I used to hate them. HATE them. Now, they are sort of growing on me.

Happy new week. Hugs.

Portia said...

I hope you feel good sporting your new do and spring makes her way up to you guys soon!

Cheryl said...

Too bad you didn't get your hair cut all at once so you could donate it. A lot of people around here do that. If your hair is that long now and you had 6" off, wow was it long. And still is.

I'm so not into tattoos, for me. I live in dread of the day my daughter is old enough to get one, and she wants one bad. Everyone I know says it's addicting.

Leann said...

Wow, really long hair. I'm attempting to grow mine out again, but will probably get it cut to c hin length before long.

I have one tattoo on my ankle. A place that won't sag and bag too I will probably get a couple more on the inside of my wrists for the grandkids.

Take care and enjoy your week!

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I'm jealous you have the day off!

David Kim said...

Please, please, please, don't get a tattoo! If you want one, get a temporary tattoo like one of those sticker tattoos.