Sunday, March 29, 2009

High Five to Mother Nature

The snow and ice are finally melting away. I was going put forth this great big effort of shoveling my driveway, much like my neighbors were doing, but I figured I would just let Mother Nature take her course. High five to Mother Nature. It all melted away by sundown. Whew! No wasted energy on that chore!

Wow, two posts in a row. Watch out folks, it's going to snow! Oh, wait. It already did. Like a foot.


Dear Liza said...

I think I am all caught up with you...things have been really crazy for you, haven't they? But in a good, busy...kind of way.

I have missed you. Have a good week, and I do hope all of your snow is GONE,until next winter, at least.

Hugs, friend. :)

Leann said...

Stay warm and enjoy it while it lasts!! We had snow here also and I'm sure we'll get a bit more before April is done with us.

Cheryl said...

Yup, love it when Mother Nature is kind. Happy day!

David Kim said...

Snow? What's that? I think I've seen snow on the mountain tops above L.A. Never had to live with it though.