Friday, July 11, 2008

It's All About The Kid

Well, I just got home. Yes, it's very early, but I've got cramps. Girls, don't you just love having that excuse? I would, except, these are kind of painful today.

I found out that enrollment for school takes place the last week in July. I just received the kid's enrollment packet, so we can start getting school supplies as soon as they go on sale. I won't be shopping at the Evil Empire (wal-mart), but will a little of my school supply business to Target. I'll just buy whatever is insanely cheap on the sheet. The rest I will by at one of my stores.

We have decided to wait on the clothes. I think the kid will have another growth spurt before then. He has already grown an inch this summer. He is now 5 ft. 5 1/2 inches. Oh help me. The kid is only 13 and he is in a size 10 shoe. Long and lanky, but can eat like a horse. Where does it all go?

Anyway, the kid is actually wanting to shop for some of his own clothing. Before, it was whatever I wanted as long as it was blue or green. Now, the kid has an opinion. He has told me he would like two pairs of Nike's instead of one, this way he can just switch them for gym class? Does that make any sense? Whatever.... I am obviously out of the loop when it comes to teenage boy clothing and shoes. I mean, are we seeing an era where boys are just as particular about their shoes as girls are? Oh boy!

Okay, so two posts in one day. Well, consider yourselves lucky. I am going to catch a nap. Talk at you later.


Terri said...

oh yes, my oldest boy is more picky than my girl and the 2nd one is getting there. Aeropostale this and AE that. Yikes!

Chelf said...

Actually, switching the shoes is probably a good idea. Keeps both pairs nicer longer. I don't know about Nike or whatever, but he has a logical theory. Maybe one pair now, with the prep shopping, and one pair later, when you have another paycheck on the books.

They certainly grow up too fast. Good luck, mom. The Kid sounds like a really great kid.

Portia said...

School supplies already? It seems like the summer just started! The train set sounds really cool. Feel better:)

austere said...

Two pairs? Of course.

Stationary shopping is fun- or used to be, buying pens and markers and whatnots.

simonsays said...

As you know, I raised two boys and a girl. Clothes-wise, my boys were far worse to buy for and make happy. And as far as shoes, you'd better get a second job...LOL.

I don't know what you're going through right now, but I do know a couple of things. You are the best MOM ever. Also, there is no way that the court won't see that. I had to deal with this sort of thing, too..many years ago. My ex was laughed out of the building...just sayin. You hang in there, and know that right is right. And it always wins.

Hugs, honey.


David Kim said...

Wait until he starts dating and picking up girls in his car....