Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day Off

Good morning. Josh and I have the day off together. We are spending some down time with the kid today. Not sure what we are going to do, but it should be good whatever we decide.

I have been watching Big Brother 10. This season is already getting crazy. I have a feeling the manipulation is going to be the worst yet.

Josh says hello to everyone. Oh wait, never mind, he doesn't want to say hello. He now says he's just kidding. He wants to know why I am writing it all down. Can't help myself dude!

I think we might try and go to the zoo today. Anyway, I better get around here. Catch you all later today.


Jonna said...

I hope you have a great time at the zoo. Days off are a rarity for me for the past few months.

Take some photos of the zoo to do ABC Wednesday!!

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Have fun on your day off!! I've been watching Big Brother too! I am addicted to this show. I am so glad that Brian's manipulative behind got put up for eviction. lol

Annabel said...

Enjoy the day and have fun at the zoo. You should get your exercise.. I remember a lot of walking at that zoo.

Portia said...

Enjoy your day off together!

Sally said...

Oh, a day off...enjoy it, you deserve it!!

austere said...

Aha! The zoo. Does some icecream and popcorn feature in that?

:) Have fun.

Meloncutter said...

I love the Wichita Zoo. I haven't been there in probably 12 years now and I would love to see what they have done to it since I was last there, but it will probably be a while before I can get back that way.

Say hay to Josh. LOL.

Later Y'all.

David Kim said...

Don't get the gorillas mad. Last time I went to the zoo, some idiots start making fun of the gorillas. The gorillas became furious and started flinging their crap into the crowd. Fortunately, I didn't get hit. I think the guys who made fun of the gorillas did get hit with the $***.