Friday, July 11, 2008

Bachmann Train Set

Well, the school shopping didn't happen yesterday. Big surprise. We have plenty of time for it though. Instead, we wandered into a hobby store. The kid went nuts. He started talking about trains and tracks and what he wanted to get. We have never had a train set before, so I was surprised at his interest.

We searched and searched the boxes and the kid found what he was looking for. $200 later with a Bachmann train set in tow, we headed for home, anxious to open the box. It's a beautiful train set. It has two locomotives and some other cars. Of course, the kid told me this. I have been informed that all gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc. must now include "extras" for this new hobby. I am excited for him.

I am up and at em a bit early today. Got to get some things done at work. I plan on calling it an early day though. Hope you all have a great Friday!


austere said...

trains brought back memories, I had a set too, a hand me down from cousins .. no clue where it went now.

Sally said...

You know my husband's obsession with trains. =) It's a GREAT hobby!

What shop did you buy the train at?

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Growing up we had a train set but it was really my fathers because we only set it up when he was around and no one played it unless he was there. lol

Chelf said...

I know a guy in Wichita who builds tables for trains. They are like a coffee table, with glass on four sides and the top. You set up a train scene in the box, and everyone can see it, and you can run it from inside the box, and they are so cool. Some day far away, he might want to save for something like that.

What a cool hobby. There is an annual show in Wichita, too.

David Kim said...

Trains are cool.